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Thread: Is it true that sperm dies after touching air!?

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    Default Is it true that sperm dies after touching air!?

    I've heard yes and no!.

    Like if my bf and I are having sex and we use the pull out method, and he releases himself on my stomach or down there, and it drips in, is there a chance I could get pregnant!?

    I heard that sperm dies once its released and hits air if its not released in the vagina!.
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    Default nope...

    no thats false sperm doesn't die when it makes contact with air. Sperm contacting any part of your vagina be it your labia or whatever pregnancy is possible. that little drip inside can livein your body for days after intercourse... hope this helps!

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    Yep, you could get pregnant, as the previous poster put; it only takes a drop of sperm and sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days. They are robust little bliters

    So id recommend using a method of contraception that suits you both...that is unless you are planning a pregnancy. Good luck honey, have fun but be safe

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    No sperm doesnt die when it touches air
    If that were the case then all sperm samples would be a bit rubbish!


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