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Thread: ammonia-like vaginal odor

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    Default ammonia-like vaginal odor

    Sometimes I smell like ammonia, or at least my undies do. It seems like whenever I get warm (on the verge of, or actually, sweating) I smell bad. I wear cotton panties, exercise regularly (but not for extended periods of time, usually about 1 1/2 hours/day) and I am a pisco-vegetarian. The odor is sometimes so bad that I have to change my underwear, and it's really strong, like it's concentrated, but it honestly seems to be coming from my sweat more than any kind of urine leakage or anything coming directly from the vagina.
    Any thoughts? It's a little annoying, especially when going out dancing when I feel like I stink like pee, even though I haven't peed my pants!

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    Unhappy Re: ammonia-like vaginal odor

    Hi Abraun,

    I been experiencing the same issue, I've been to SEVERAL different doctors and no one knows whats wrong. I have been tested for several STDs, and all tests came back negative. I've had three pap smears within the last year, and they have all been abnormal. Now, I have to do a Colposcopy, (in a month or two) hopefully they can determine the problem


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