Hi all - So I feel like I am having a plethora of sysptoms hitting me at all at one. I just recently got off the pill 3 months ago to try and have our second child. Since then, my cycles have been all over the place with wierd symptoms that I can't tell if they are related. To start with, my cycles are around 35-38 days (Read somewhere that long cycles can be an indicator of anovulation). After the time when I should ovulate (I think I do, but not 100% sure), I start to get period cramps about three days later for about 8-10 days (Not severe, but constant). These cramps then kind of morph into these abdominal pains that I think are associated with a UTI (Had lots of these while I was pregnant). I have to urinate a lot and am extremly gassy during this time. Then this fades after about three days, and my period starts (about 8 days long, not too heavy) and the whole cycle starts all over again. My husband and I have been having sex for about a two week time frame each night when I think I should be ovulating. Have been taking ovulation predictor tests and never got a positive result (although did the same thing with the first one, and never had a positive result and got pregnant the first month off the pill). What is going on with my body, and do you think it will hinder my ability to get pregnant? Dr. says I need to wait a while for my cycle to regulate itself, but I have always been SO regular, that this is really concerning me. Thanks, ladies!!!