I'm the girl that had the issue with the "infection" after imperforate hymen surgery and I am fully over the infection. It was a bacterial infection [non-sexually transmitted]. I know from research that MOSTLY dissolvable stitches should be gone within 3 weeks of being put there but my surgery was October 27th and it's already been a month and 2 days. When I had gone to the gynecologist on November 20th she was examining me and told me she noticed that some of my stitches were wrapped around some tissue [however the that happened, I don't know] so she PLUCKED some of them. That hurt! She mentioned that I'm "healing well." I don't see how though. The remaining stitches are still in there and have not dissolved or dropped out. The hospital told me before releasing me that I would have to wait an entire month for sex or insertion of anything and I obeyed very closely. Last Thursday morning my boyfriend and I tried having sex and we went extremely slowly but as we got more and more into it he would try and thrust a bit deeper/harder and that was all it took for me to get an excrutiating pain on my stitched area. I said "Oh my God, OW!" and then we had to stop. The next morning I woke up and I had saturated a liner with blood and saturated a pad throughout the entire day with about 1/4 more blood. I'm not bleeding anymore but I AM still a little bit sore. What exactly should I do? Should I once again call up to the gynecologist and ask her to pluck the rest of my stitches or should I wait longer or what? I'm kind of antzy waiting for sex. The hospital had said "one month" but it's been "one month" and I still cannot have sex without feeling like something bad will happen to my stitched area/vagina.