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Thread: Strange labia swelling

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    Question Strange labia swelling

    Hello all,

    I have a problem that I can't find an answer to so I give it to the group.

    A couple of years ago, I saw my gyno because my left labia minora felt larger, thicker. It turned out to be a vein that was swollen. It didn't bother me, but was something that I was aware of. A couple of days ago I felt slight soreness there and investigated. Now it's swollen and kind of hard. I suspect this this is from sex or perhaps clothing rubbing or pinching.

    I have searched the web and can't find anything like this...anyone out there have any feedback? I just joined so thanks ahead of time...

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    You may be alergic to nylon... ie) jeans rubbing, can also be different washing detergent.

    It can be a version of "thrush", in accordance with the description you have given.

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    That would make sense. I just took a round of antibiotics...thanks!

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    Default labial edema

    Six years ago when I had my daughter, I had that. Both sides of by labial was swollen. Together, they were the size of a basket ball. I was scared and couldn't walk. No one knew what to do. They finally sent me to get a lymphatic massage. They only message patients who have cancer and have their lymphnodes out. Well, I didn't have cancer and I still had my lymphnodes. It was a long shot and they didn't think it would work, but it did. Four years later, I had a hysterectomy and my labial swelled up again. They realized that my lymphnodes had quit working and weren't pumping out the impurities in my body. Now when I have surgery I immediately have to have the message. It took about two weeks to go down. Maybe this will help.

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