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Thread: Can you tear the inside of your vagina? IMPORTANT!!!!

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    Exclamation Can you tear the inside of your vagina? IMPORTANT!!!!

    i am 15 years old and have had sex before, but it was about 2 years ago. The other day my boyfriend and i had sex together for the first time , but when he tried to go in, it hurt way to much so we had to stop. Then he decided that he really wanted to do it, so he asked me to go get a hairbrush, then he put the end part in me a few times until is didn't really hurt anymore, then we continued with the real sex. Well everything was great, until about 1 or 2 days later i started to bleed, at first i though it was my period that had just come early, no big deal, but after about 5 hours of having my tampon in, i took it out and noticed that there was very little blood, not enough for my regular period. That when i started freaking out ( i know it is not spotting because i do not take birth control) i figured maybe the hair brush had somehow riped my vaginal wall or something, so i reached in and felt around down there and felt something ( you know how the wall is smooth all the way down, well i felt down and it was like there was something sticking out, like the fat, or whatever you wanna call it from my a tear or something.) I started to freak out even more because i know the wall of your vagina you cant feel. So then i was like all ok i will just wait, and now my bleeding has increased and i think i am certin it is my period just some early even though it is still a little less blood than i normaly have, but since it is early i think it might be normal...i think. then when i was in the shower today i felt in to see it the tear, bump thing was still there i tried to reach in an my vagina was really tight, more than normal i think, but my tampons still fit in...
    so basicly me question is could the hair brush has torn me, and if so will it heal by itself or should i got to an OBGYN? (p.s the hair brush was normal but at the top it has one of those hole thingys?....also something i should mention is that i am not really hurting at all, cept for minor cramps that come with my period. which go away when i take advil) long post i know but please help me!!

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    If you're truly concerned about it I would call your doctor and make an appointment. Calm down and take a deep breath though.

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    I agree hun - plz go see your doc. Take care.
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