So I've had issues with dishcharge/irritation now for over a year. Several doctors have tested for everything (literally, everything) and made several diagnoses and prescribed several treatments, all proving ineffective.

Right now I'm being "treated" for chronic BV (although my pH levels have always been normal through the testing process), and I have to take flagyl for 12 weeks to try and knock it.

I've been getting increased itching lately and I'm terrified of getting a yeast infection (that's all I need right now, is something else vaginal to worry about). I've been taking acidophilus every day by mouth, but I've heard mixed things about whether or not it's effective in preventing yeast infections if taken orally.

Something else I've seen mixed reviews about is putting acidophilus directly INTO the vagina. I'm wondering, is this really okay to do, and if so, is it effective? And if so, does it have to be a special form of acidophilus or can I just use the tablets I've been taking orally?