Hi Ladies , I know you all aren't doctors but I could use some personal opinion. I've been to a whole lot of doctors about this issue for the past few years yet the problem doesn't seem to get resolved. It went away for a little while but it's all coming back again. In the beginning? My gp did all the tests for the major sti's " chymida , gonarrea and hiv etc ". Then he later on says he forgot to get a herpes simplex test which he ordered I get a blood test and it showed the herpes in the blood test afterwards. Because of my complaints about my dry feeling inside my vigina he says it's probably genital herpes ( which make's no sense because I've never seen any bumps or cuts ). Even with valtrex taken the dry feeling never went away. I went to urgent care many times and those other female doctor's says that this much discharge has to be chymida. But swabs it never showed anything. For the past year? I've been using baby powder it eases the over flow of wet feeling but without baby powder? The dry feeling inside? repeats. I was ok until nearly 3 weeks ago I couldn't pee so I sucked it up to go back to my jerk of a gp he did a paptest for me. The yest infection test came back neg.

I don't get into those drunken partying moments nor do I have one night stands. Oh , heck I only had one so called bf? and I'm 25 this year. My question is that : If it's not " sti's " and not " yest infections ". Are there any other dieases this could be? My girlfriend's said that the only time they get dried and itchy? is when their pregnant! I know I'm not prego = no sex life!!!

No sti / no yest infection
WHAT ESLE CAN THIS BE???? family doctor said a lot of discharge is normal and few other's said that this much discharge has to be sti ( but all my results were normal and no new sex partner so I can't have new sti's )