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Thread: vaginal opening getting smaller

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    Red face vaginal opening getting smaller

    Hello- I am new here . I am 52, 2 grown children, hysterectomy 5 years ago, family history of breast cancer (my mom), taken off HRT due to history. My marriage is failing and intimacy is very limited. Anyway, my issue is that my vaginal opening seems to be shrinking,(I am embarassed The skin around my urethra feels stretched to the max. Intercourse is painful (I thought it was due to dryness). Does anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate any comments. Thank You!

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    The sex needs to be more frequent to keep that area stretched out. If you aren't having enough sex, then try to find a dildo/vibrator that is about the same size as your man's penis. Masterbate with it frequently and that should keep the skin stretched out. Remember to use a lot of lubrication during sex and masterbation too.

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