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Thread: gyn exam on virgin

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    I'm 22 and a virgin and I'm having my first visit with my family doctor in a few days. I've never been sexually active before and therefore never had a GYN exam.

    I'm just wondering if my doc will perform a routine GYN exam on me to do a PAP test which I heard should be done once someone reaches 21 years old or becomes sexually active, whichever comes first. Will he therefore do a GYN exam on me ?

    And I'm sure he'll ask me if I'm sexually active or not or if ive ever been and im really shy of telling him im not and am still a virgin. I don't know if I should lie to him, what would that change ?

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    The answer is usually a no. A GYN exam is already a traumatic thing for some women, doctors therefore will not put a patient through that if they are not sexually active...technically they need a medical reason to perform one anyway. Of course you can agree to it but they still may say it is not necessary. Don't lie because it goes on file, they are trusting you to give them accurate information so that everything is kept in check.
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    Default why

    Why is it a traumatic experience ?

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