I'm currently pregnant, so I can understand why I'm having a hard time with vaginal dryness NOW, but I've been experiencing it for a long time. I've had weird hormones since forever, so it may be connected, but I'm just wondering how common it is to have vaginal dryness in your teens and twenties? I'm only 23, and been married just over a year and the entire time we have had to use lubricants and though it's tolerable it's annoying and not something I feel like should be necessary for people that are just into normal, old fashioned sex. And yeah, I do even take the time to get warmed up, but I just don't get lubricated naturally. It's definitely been worse since the pregnancy, but it's been there all along, and I am curious in just how common this is for people my age, cause I usually hear of it in menopausal women.