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Thread: Tired after DNC~Ablation~& Hysteroscopy, is this normal?

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    Default Tired after DNC~Ablation~& Hysteroscopy, is this normal?

    Hi Everyone, well it's been 3 days since my endometrial ablation/hysteriscopy/ & DNC, & my only complaint is that I get tired & feel drained very easily, I was told that it may take a few days to get my energy back, but had no clue that I would feel this darn tired, not sleepy tired, just drained tired, has anyone else had similar side effects after surgery? Also I feel bloated, not swollen or anything drastic, but just a little bloaty, is this normal? I cant wait to be back to my old self again, as I never thought that having these procedures would cut into my life as harsh as they are. Thanks, Melody

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    I this done last year, it takes a few day to recover and you'll have some discharge for a while. Your body needs to heal, just relax and give it time. Read a good book or two.
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    I felt like this for a good 4 or 5 days, it will pass. Also, be careful when you start feeling better, you may think you feel better than you actually do, you then end up overexerting yourself and take a couple of steps back.
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