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Thread: Burning during urination. Not STD or UTI

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    Default Burning during urination. Not STD or UTI

    Burning during urination. Not UTI or STD?
    Almost a year ago, I started to have the urgency to urinate frequently. And as you could guess, it felt a lot like a UTI. Right at the end of urination, I would feel this incredible burning sensation that was almost overwhelming. So, since I had had many a UTI before, I figured I should get some anti-biotics and some AZO from my father (He's a doctor.) Well, the burning went away, but then a few months later, it came back with a vengance, so I figured I should ask about it. So I asked my dad about it, he said that it still sounded like a UTI, and that we would treat it yet again. The next time it happened, I found a gyno and asked him to test me for anything and everything. They took a urine sample and concluded that it was a TERRIBLE UTI. Well, after that, I told my dad about what happened and how they were going to treat me for a UTI AGAIN, an he said that it could not possibly be. So, he took me down to his hospital and had one of the trusted gynos do a catheterized urinalisis just to prove it wasn't a UTI. Sure enough, there were absolutely NO traces of it. The gyno had made up a diagnosis just to get me off their case. Or so I think. There are no traces of an STD either. My father says there's no evidence of anything wrong with my bladder, urethra, or vagina. So now, the pain comes and goes, and I self-medicate with AZO every time it happens. (We also talked about the possibility of me being allergic to latex or spermicide, so my boyfriend and I switched to polyurithane condoms with no spermicide, and that has not affected anything.)
    Can anyone give me ANY idea as to what it could possibly be?
    I won't self medicate, I just want to know if anyone else has had a problem like this, and what they did about it, so I can suggest it to my dad and gyno.
    Thanks, and PLEASE help.

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    Have they tested you for bacterial vaginosis? It happened to me once and I was treated multiple times for a uti and it never went away. Finally a doctor in the er told me it was bacterial vaginosis and it sometimes has the same syptoms of a uti.

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