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Thread: Vaginal itching and UTI

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    Default Vaginal itching and UTI

    So I just went to the doctor about itching I was getting around the vagina. Several months ago I had a yeast infection which I took some over the counter medicine for, and it cleared it up for the most part, but I still had minor itching. Strange, the test results from the doctor said I don't have a yeast infection (or STDs), but a UTI, even though I don't get any burning or pain during urination. Has anybody else had a UTI that causes vaginal itching?

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    Ive had UTI (urinary track infections) randomly through out my life and ys it makes your vagina itch and it looks kinda red and puffy. my doctor always told me to tae vitamin C...and pain during urination doesnt have to occur...the cause o them is either you hold it when you have to go pee or bacteria got in there during intercourse...and there is a couple over the couple over the counter medicines like vagisil to help with the itching..and oddly yogurt works to.

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