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Thread: Why does my vagina itch more at night time than in the day time???

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    Default Why does my vagina itch more at night time than in the day time???

    I am getting over an allergic reaction. It's finally starting to get better. During the day, I don't have to use anything to relieve itching. It feels almost normal. But boy, at night time, it's a different story! I am miserable. I haven't had a full nights sleep in too many nights. Why does it itch more at night time?? Is this normal?

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    Sweat, heat, warm down there, that's why your better not wearing nickers, have a shower before you go to bed sweet.

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    Hey girl, I think you might be a victim of pubic lice. They are very small but vissible organisms which are passed on during sexual intercorse, wearing psnts which have them or sitting on somebody's bed or cloth which contain the lice. The pubic lice only attack on the external part specifically on the pubic hair.Bath twice a day with no soap

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