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Thread: Cramping and Alot of Bloating

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    Default Cramping and Alot of Bloating

    Yesterday I noticed I was bloated and a few hours later I started getting bad cramps(after the cramps started I got way more bloated).When I got home I ended up changing my pants and put on a pair I wore the day before that were way loose on me(I had to wear a belt with them) but they were too tight to fit.

    Today it's not as bad,I can wear my pants again,but I still have a bit of bloating and cramping.

    Some background info,I've had constant pelvic pain for the past 2 and a half years.Had a laparoscopy that ruled out endometriosis.Still have no idea what is the cause of the pelvic pain.Also I have really long cycles,usually 39 days and really heavy periods.

    Also my period isn't due for another 2 weeks,so the cramping and bloating isn't due to that.

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    Hi Empathy,

    if your period is due in 2 weeks, then this bloating and cramping could be due to ovulation. Ovulation occurs 11-14 days before period starts. and if your period is normally long then it looks as if your body is attempting to ovulate a few times before it actually follows through.

    Stress has a big part to play in delayed ovulation, which then in turn has a bog part to play in bloating and discomfort and emotional upset too.

    Are you particularly stressed?
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    Default cramping and allot of bloating too

    Hi my name is Jill I had the same problem for seven years. But the only two thing that I did not have is the long periods and heavy bleeding I had really bad cramps gas and bloating My OBGYN did a laparoscopy and found no endometriosis she told me a year down the road if I was still having the same problem she would do hysterectomy. She did on August 3 2009 I now have no more periods gas cramps and bloating any longer. I'm 46. How old are you. Before she did my hysterectomy I tried every medicine and birth control out there nothing seem to work for me. So my OBGYN agree to do a hysterectomy. Thanks Jill

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    I'm only 18 so a hysterectomy would definatly be out of the question.I ened up getting my period on Monday so I don't think the cramping and bloating could have been due to ovulation.

    I was thinking since it wasn't endometriosis it might be adenmyosis,even though I'm not in the age range and haven't had any kids.I want to get a hysteroscopy but first I need to find a family doctor and then a gynocologist.

    Anyone have adenmyosis?Does my symptoms sound like it at all?

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