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Thread: Dark/bloody discharge a week before my period.

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    Default Dark/bloody discharge a week before my period.

    I've recently started a new birth control about three months ago. My period is supposed to come on the 27th of this month (it's the 21st) however, for the past three days I've had a really dark brown/sometimes bloody discharge. It's extremely light, just annoying and scary. I was wondering if anyone knows why it could be happening? I was recently really stressed out from finals at school and a terrible breakup. Could stress cause it? Help.

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    Stress, as well as a fairly new birth control brand that your body's probably still getting used to. It's called "spotting" and is totally normal. There are tons of topics on this in this section of the board, have a search.

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    Its normal. I get that after every period since i started birth control.

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