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Thread: small amount of blood in discharge

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    Default small amount of blood in discharge

    When I went to the bathroom today, I noticed a small amount of what looked like blood when I wiped. It wasn't clumpy at all, it kind of looked veiny. My discharge hasn't changed (I'm pretty sure I was ovulating sometime between the 22 and the 26th) and I'm not experiencing any pain. My fiance and I had sex on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd. I'm not due for my period until the January 7th. I'm not sure what to think. I don't know if it's an infection, if I may be pregnant or if I should think anything at all. Please help.

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    Sounds, very much to me like you ovulated and spotted and that's the veiny thing you described

    Three days and like 2 days ago, he may have pushed deeply, etc.

    Are you on birth control? Or did you use a Condom?

    I assume your not hense the question.

    You know our bodies are all different and this is the hardest section for anyone to truly answer as such.

    I think you spotted irrespective, personally.

    But if you had "no" protection and you "knew" the ovulation period why tempt fate?

    Look forward to you adding for other replies and good to see you come back to the Forum.

    Do we not realise that in order to find a soul
    It doesn't happen over night
    if truth were to be told.

    Like everything in life that's hard to achieve
    you must believe!

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