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Thread: Itching, No Odor/Discharge

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    Default Itching, No Odor/Discharge

    I recently spent four days with my boyfriend having frequent sex (we only see each other about once a month these days due to work and travel). We were both tested and clean prior to getting together, are monogamous, and I am on the Nuvaring, so we do not use condoms.

    About 24 hours after the last time we had intercourse I began to get itchy - primarily just around my inner labia. I have absolutely no odor, and no discharge - in fact, I'm feeling a bit drier then usual. It has now been about 48 hours of intermittent but very annoying itching.

    I have never had a yeast infection, but don't have any abnormal discharge (or any at all, really) and no burning during urination or otherwise. Not noticing any BV symptoms, either. Any idea what this could be or any remedy suggestions?

    An additional note: I live and work in a Muslim country and have limited access to healthcare or OTC products. Healthcare for women in this country is severely lacking and involves many taboos (especially for Westerners) so I'd appreciate suggestions for home diagnoses and home remedies wherever possible. Thank you so much!

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    It could be yeast infection, it doesn't have to go really bad straight away.
    It could also be just an irritation cause you had sex so many times in such a short space of time.
    From my experiences I can say that you can get yeast infection like that, with loads of sex if you're not use to having it that often. Just drink loads of milk, yoghurts. You can wash yourself with probiotic yoghurt (rinse with water afterwards). Don't use shower gel or anything that has perfume in it, that irritates vagina even more.
    Don't wear tight clothes, preferably no pants at all or just cotton underwear.

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    It is probably going to end up as a yeast infection. Having a lot of sex in short period of time over, and over makes you get that itch especially down there. If you start discharging more then usual then this home remedy may work for you.
    Buy a small carton of yogurt, plain one with no fruity flavor, just simple regular yogurt with "ACTIVE CULTURES" listed on its container. While you are buying that get a pack of tampons. Go home and take a tampon out dip it in the yogurt and you can leave it in the freezer for about twenty minutes or you can skip that and insert it as is. After an hour or so remove the tampon. It is suppose to help you relieve the itch and the yeast. Drink plenty of water. Drink cranberry juice. Wear undergarments with a cotton crotch and avoid synthetics.

    Good luck,

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    i'm going through something like that right now. definintly not yeast infection b/c no discharge/ smell. if your on antihistamines or anything that is know to dry up mucus membrane, then that is probably the culprit.

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    It could also be irritation that isn't going to end up being yeast, just avoid all soaps and chemicals, wear cotton underwear and pat dry rather than rub and see what happens. It wouldn't hurt to eat some live yoghurt or even use some on the skin at the same time just in case.

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