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Thread: tea tree oil and yeast infection

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    Default tea tree oil and yeast infection

    I've been battling a yeast infection for a few weeks (I get them before my period and sometimes they don't go away afterwards), so I'm on week three now. I did a Monistat 1-day/night treatment, which helped a lot. I'm not itchy/discharging anymore, but I'm still sore right around the opening/inside. I've been applying a dilution of tea tree oil to soothe it, but after a few minutes it starts feeling like I'm gushing down there. It actually looks like someone poured wet baking soda in my underwear. Is this normal? Is it just acting like hydrogen peroxide when it fizzes in a cut, cleaning the area?
    I'd rather not have to make a trip to the doctor since she already thinks I'm a hypochondriac/pill hound.

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    You can always go ta a walk in clinic and see if someone else can help you with the problem.
    I am just wondering about the tea tree oil that you have been applying on may have caused a reaction since it is essential oil even tho it is deluted if you have never used it for after a yeast then maybe that is causing it?. I know tea tree is becoming more popular to use especially with the gynecological problems, but again you may have had a reaction to it. Have you used tea tree oil down there before?

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    You are probably getting this reaction as tea-tree oil is incredibly concentrated. what are you diluting it with? With most oils (including tea-tree) to dilute it properly, you need to be mixing it with another oil based liquid. Using the oil straight onto your yeast infection and vagina will cause irritation.

    Would prob be more ideal to use a Tea tree oil Cream product instead.
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    you should find another doctor, sometime they give a diffrent diagnosis or give you a better treatment (that's what happen tome) i have yeast problem too ...

    good luck

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    ok. the one day monistat does help but doesnt get rid of the infection. ive had this issue before even when to the doc she told me u have to do the 7 day monistat no matter wat even if u have no more symptoms and u feel better do the full 7 days. im prone to yeast infections and get them alot but i would go to the doc just to be on the safe side,good luck!

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    Default Tried It

    I've tried the tea tree oil and if you don't dilute it with vodka, you'll be a burning and irritated. ( I learned the hard way!!!LOL) The best stuff for the outer area is aloe vera gel lightly swabbed on with cotton balls. The tea tree is best used for fungus fingernails and warts. Don't get me wrong it's good stuff but if it's not diluted properly you're in for a world of hurt. Herbal remedy books will give you proper ideas and measurements for things of that nature.
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    Default why don't you try natural remedies for it ?

    Tea tree oil is a relatively new yeast infection treatment in the western world. Although it has been used to cure many things in other cultures it was not known of until more recently in the United States. Tea tree oil has since become a very popular natural cure for vaginal yeast infections.

    Tea tree oil is believed to be a beneficial treatment for many ailments but has shown to be an effective cure for vaginal yeast infections. The only drawback is that the oil is very potent. This doesn't mean that it can't be used to treat your yeast infection but that you will need to use it in combination with other components.

    If you apply the tea tree oil directly to your skin while you have a yeast infection you will probably feel a sting. This is due to the rawness of your skin and the potency of the oil. To avoid this stinging sensation all you need to do is find a better way to use it.

    To begin you will need to gather some tea tree oil, tampons, and a lubricant. Then you need to apply the lubricant to the upper half of the tampon. This helps to prevent the tampon from absorbing all of the oil.

    After you have applied the lubricant you can add a couple drops of the tea tree oil to the tampon. After that you simply insert into the vagina and you're

    You can also try other alternative remedies that worls well for treating yeast infection naturally without any side effect.

    For a detailed Information you can Visit:

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    Tea tree oil is very strong and not something I would put on sensitive bits. Repeated use even on tougher skin can lead to minor nerve damage and loss of sensation. It's a great over the counter treatment for a lot of things but I would make sure you are diluting it right and I would not use it repeatedly anywhere. It's also technically a toxic substance. Get a longer treatment of monistat. One day is often not enough and not as healthy/safe since they concentrate the dose all in one instead of spreading it out.

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    agree w/ Kira - think tea tree oil a bit strong for that use. Love it for skin infections like razer rash etc but not for those sensitive mucus-membrane type parts.

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    Personally I've used tea tree oil in my vagina (about 5 drops and then some water to help get it up there) and it was fine. It did sting a little bit, but there wasn't too much discomfort, and anyway the slight stinging makes me feel like it's working.

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