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Thread: Hole between vigina and rectum.

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    Red face Hole between vigina and rectum.

    I am new to this. I have an embarrassing problem. I think I have a hole or rip between my vagina and rectum? Can this really happen? I have an Gynecologist appointment in a few weeks but I am so embarrassed to tell them. How can I tell them? Does anyone have any advice?
    Thank you

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    I am having the same problem, it started about a week ago and I called my dr. they called me in a yeast infection med. But this issue is much worse than the normal yeast infection. The problem started when my husband and I were about to, well you know, my vagina was dry and he began intercourse and it burned like hell and has every since. I have used over the counter vagasil for the irritation, but it is not getting any better. To make matters worse I got a mirror and started trying to see what the issue was and then I noticed bumps, really like the ones you get from ingrown hair. I do shave so maybe thats all that is. But this is driving me insane and not to mention hurts so bad.

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    is it like a HOLE or a cut? Because I had a cut that resembled a paper cut a little while back. I just let it heal and it's fine now.


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