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Thread: Worried About Lump on Ovary

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    Unhappy Worried About Lump on Ovary

    Hello! I'm new, nearly twenty, and pretty worried about my right ovary. (I'm also sorry if I've placed this in the wrong part of the forum.)

    In the past, my periods weren't so bad, and all I had was some pain in my middle that could be treated easily with Pamprin and some hot tea. Now they're more painful and sometimes I get a little queasy if I don't stop the worst of the pain before it starts.

    What bothers me most, though, is the pain to the right of my uterus. Instead of just cramps, I get dull aches on either side of my uterus, but the pain is more intense and lasts much longer on the right side. The pain near my right ovary starts a short time before I get my period and fades with the rest of the cramping, so it's pretty much over within twenty-four hours. Pamprin doesn't help much with this pain; it only takes the edge off. Sometimes it hurts a little in between periods as well, though it's not as bad or drawn out.

    I finally have the time now, and I was planning to call on Monday morning to make an appointment to get this checked out.

    And soon after I made that decision, I noticed a hard lump for the first time. I think it felt about the size of my fingertip. And I'm trying not to panic, but I am a little freaked out. I'm afraid of conditions that are difficult to treat, clinical settings, and needles, but I know I absolutely have to get this looked at, and I will go through with it. I'm just terrified.

    Any advice, stories of experiences, or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this.

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    It's very common to feel cramping either side of the uterus so I wouldn't fret about that. Ovarian cysts aren't usually palpable but a small hernia would be. It could be one of those or it could be a simple knot in the abdominals. Try not to worry and get yourself checked out.

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