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Thread: Would a pregnancy test result be reliable if 6 months pregnant

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    Default Would a pregnancy test result be reliable if 6 months pregnant

    Ok I was recently scared that could be 6 months pregnant and not know it. Mad worry I know. Just been watching that pregnant and didnt know it though show, and has got me wondering lol........ its got to be so remote chances right? I have no symptoms i.e. no noticeable weight gain, nothing but a normal stomach i.e. not perfectly flat (whos is!) but not a belly at all either, not feel blatant movements that couldnt be put down to anything else? Im v slim so you'd notice excessive weight gain

    I seriously dont think I could possibly be pregnant (virgin but have done er other stuff that could have er got sperm near me e.g. fingering and his uncondomed penis did come in contact with outside of my vagina) Im just the paranoid type, and have been having periods but theyve always been highly irregular my whole life so cant gague from them as they come when the like (but have had some periods recently)


    how reliable are these tests. I know it says 99.9 on the box but they detect the HCG chemical/hormone right? is this still there at 6 months pregnant? (thats how far gone I would have to be). Can I trust that a test would work?

    I did one of those expensive digital ones that show a positive or negative sign, so I didnt have to panic over whether a line was there or not! It was negative!!! havent done the second stick yet tho.

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    I believe you're over-thinking this. At 6 months, you should definately be producing enough to show up as a + test. Plus, no symptoms.
    If it makes ya feel better, spend the $ for another and re-test, but sounds like the problem is all in your mind.

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    Your HCG hormone is your pregnancy hormone. If you are pregnant, at 6 months, you have a significant amount for a positive HPT.

    Calm the mind down and stop watching that show.
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    Even the least accurate home pregnancy test measures 100 units of HCG in the bloodstream (metabolized into the urine.) Most measure 25-50. During the end of my miscarriage, I still had 40 units of HCG in my blood - enough for a positive test.
    By six months of pregnancy, you should have TENS OF THOUSANDS of units of HCG. It sticks around a little while after miscarriage or birth too, so there's no way you could have passed the phase where you'd have it.
    The stories of women who show up at the emergency room with stomach pains and are having a baby - are one in a trillion. It has happened a mere handful of times out of the 6+trillion people who are currently living, plus all the people who have been alive in the past 50 years or so.
    Plus: All this hogwash that your high school fed you about how you can get pregnant is a similar one in a trillion chance. Depending on your fertility, getting pregnant is difficult. And that's getting pregnant having "babymaking" sex. Google "TTC," and you'll see how many millions of women are subjecting themselves to calendars, thermometers, fertility treatments, etc just to get lucky. If you have an irregular period, it may mean that you would have that kind of extra trouble getting pregnant.
    So knowing this, it becomes preposterous to be afraid of getting pregnant by fingering or touching his penis to your vulva. That's not to say it's impossible. It may have happened before. But it's a SERIOUSLY slim chance.
    Get out there and educate yourself. Don't be afraid of intimacy ... just respect its consequences. I was in your shoes once, with the paranoia. A college Biology class cured me of it ... We learned that the female body is basically programmed to kill sperm. It's a weeding-out process.
    Take a deep breath and DON'T be paranoid anymore
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