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Thread: Help! Itchy private parts

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    Unhappy Help! Itchy private parts

    Hi. About a month ago i went to the lavatory and didint wipe the seat because i just assumed that it was clean. But a few hours later my private parts got very itchy and i just ignored it. Two days later i visited my boyfriend and i felt so much pain during sexual intercourse. When I told him about it he said that we should give it a few days because the pain might be caused by the fact that we haven't had sex in a while (3 weeks). The pain then transformed to itchiness from whithin. And I still continued to ignore it. It then disappeared but as i m typing this thread every now and then my vagina gets so itchy and feel so much pain during sex. Could it be the toilet seat? or am I allergic to sperms?

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    One thing I do know is if you had picked up an infection from a toilet seat (unlikely) it wouldn't have produced symptoms within hours so I think you may have a case of a simple yeast infection, go and get checked out or try an OTC medication from the chemist.

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    yes, sounds like a common yeast infection, I wouldn't say it came from the toilet seat. If you have a white creamy discharge, it is a yeast infection. Can be treated, don't worry.

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    i agree, sounds like a yeast infection, i wouldnt think it was the toilet seat, you dont feel the symptoms that quickly

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