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Thread: bladder infection question

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    Question bladder infection question


    I am experiencing a bit of burning with urination and have a feeling it a uti. I recently went to the beach and the water there is all murky and full of little floating wood chips etc. cud i of gotten it from that? or maybe the shower water? because it smelt and don't think it was treated.. Am also not sexually active so i was just wondering if that was the cause.. :/

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    I go boating alot in the nearby river and lakes which have not so clean of water also. Ive never gotten a UTI from it, however, it may be possible. I would start drinking cranberry juice ASAP tho if youre not planning a trip to the dr. That may clear it up. Also drink lots of water.

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    Why dont you google the causes of bladder infections? I know that they can be caused by not wiping properly or wiping from your bottom to your lady cave. But I doubt there are many people out there who would wipe like that. I had a bladder infection and it progressed into a kidney infection. That was painful. I thought my kidneys were going to rip apart. I couldnt stand up straight because of the pain. I was out on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I would go and see your gp or a gynocologist if I were you and catch it early on. Also, I dont think a UTI can be passed between people sexually but I may be very wrong
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