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Thread: Brown stains in underwear coming from my Vagina?

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    Question Brown stains in underwear coming from my Vagina?

    Hi I am new here!

    Firstly, I am 24 years old, female and been on Microgynon 30 birth control pill for about 6 years now. Never had any children. Never had any STD's (not that Iím aware of anyway!). The last time I had sexual intercourse was over 17 months ago.

    So the thing is, I keep noticing brown staining in my underwear (on the vaginal area of my underwear), I can assure you it is not coming from my back passage!

    There is no smell and it's not a discharge, it's just my underwear literally stains brown in the vagina area of the panty (a bit like when I've started a period without putting on a pad quick enough and it's dried up). But I am NOT on my period when this happens, and I am not passing blood when this happens. When I wipe myself after urinating the tissue just has urine on it and NO staining/blood/discharge or anything on it - so I am rather confused by the brown staining in my knickers!

    If I wear black underwear, obviously I cannot see the staining. But when I wear white or light pink underwear, within a couple of hours the staining has appeared (I notice it when I go to the toilet). Itís a light to mid brown colour.
    Oh, actually, when I wear black underwear sometimes the colour of the black looks like its getting bleached! In the area of my vagina? Like the black dye starts to go a funny pink/bleached colour.

    I have had this problem for quite a while and was swabbed for bacterial infection by my doctor, which came back clear. I will obviously go back to the doctors again, but just wondered if anyone else experienced this and knows what it could possibly be.

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    It happens, don't worry about it. I little douch with some plain or vinegar water will likely take care of it.
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    Women on the pill frequently spot brown in between periods, if it bothers you ask for a different pill.

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    Default Brown stains in under wear

    I have had the same staining problem for 15 months now. It first started when I was put on 100 MG clomid. Have you received any diagnonsis for your condition. If any please let me know as it is really bothering me but the doctor seems to think it is nothing at all.

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