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Thread: My period won't stop

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    Default My period won't stop

    I had a Paraguard IUD inserted in May. I experienced the normal side effects that were explained to me by my clinician (heavier and longer than normal periods). Since the insertion, I have had normal periods, that usually last about ten days, but this month it is different. I started my period on 12-7-2010 and it has yet to stop. I have not been dizzy or experienced any symptoms of anemia, but at what point should I be concerned? I am overwight, but have been since the insertion.

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    Sounds in relation to the IUD it may not be the right thing for you. I had trouble with mine and had to get it out, might be best to get it out and go on another form of BC maybe the shots or patch or pills will work for you. Or this could just be a really bad period and you may have to get through it. You could schedule an appt with your gyno have them look but I have heard stories like this with the IUD personally it wasnt for me due to this very reason the over long horrible periods- everyone does different with the IUD. I'll never do it again lesson learned I now take the pill! Of course there are disease like endometriosis and other such issue a laproscopy or ultrasound and pelvic exam can find. But just could be that IUD!
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    By the way even 10 days would be long for me hah! Before I had the IUD i went only 5-6 maybe 7 days. With the IUD it got longer and longer and longer. So just heads up on that. The first thing my gyno said was let's get it OUT!

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