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Thread: Swollen Itchy Vagina

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    Question Swollen Itchy Vagina

    Hi. So I am a bigger girl, I decided it is time to diet and get back on track. Last week I started walking 4 miles every night. By my 3rd night of walking I found a lump on my vagina. I did my research and assumed it was a Bartholin cyst. I get sebaceous cyst often on my upper thighs, and butt. A few days later, my vagina started itching. I took my trusty hand mirror to check out what was going on down there, and now the whole right side of my vagina is swollen, and my clitoris look more red in color than usual. It does not burn when I pee, no unusual discharge, and no smell. What could this be, could it be from walking?

    A little background. I have been told I have hpv, I had chlamydia, I had bacterial vaginosis, and I also fought I brutal case of MRSA. I was treated for all of these in the past. I have not had sex in over 2 months.

    My problem- I would normally go right to the doctor. I have health insurance that I pay an arm and a leg for. I am currently unemployed, and can not afford to even pay my $30 co-pay. Not to mention I am so scared of the test they might preform that my insurance won't cover. (IE: I once had an abnormal pap that made me have to go in for a re-pap shortly after, my insurance only covers 1 pap a year, and it ended up costing me $515) I can not get charged something like that right now. I am on a strict budget. I keep my expensive insurance as a just in-case, but it is so outrageous I can not even use it.

    Please give me advice, what this could be, and what I should do about it. I am really hoping because I am a bigger girl and I just started walking the rubbing together is what is causing this.

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    It could be from your clothing rubbing against your skin with the recent walking you have been doing. Does the material on your clothing seem to irriatate that area? The friction combined with sweat is probably not a good combination and may be the cause of your irriatiation. Make sure you wear cotton underwear, as well as cotton clothing that breathes (instead of sweats, maybe wear cotton exercise pants the kind that are made of the thin material that will allow your skin to breath. From the sounds of it, it's probably not a yeast infection or UTI.... I think it's the friction and sweat creating an irritation. You could try using a cream on the irritated area (like vasiline, or if you know of anyone that has a baby use some of the A&D ointment that is used on diaper rashes) I know it sounds strange but it will help it heal and also protect the sore area... A&D ointment (or something similar would probably work a lot better than vaseline... if if you don't have or can't get any of the ointment.... try maybe some talcum powder, or an antiobiotic ointment (Like neosporin). I hope those ideas help you. Good luck.

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    A yeast infection or bacterial infection would be most likely. Make sure you wear breathable underwear like cotton and loose fitting clothes when exercising. Increased heat and moisture from any sweat along with the irritation of motion can encourage an infection. Even changes in diet can lead to infections. Try some over the counter yeast treatments and if those don't work there are home remedies for bacterial infections. Eat yogurt daily. It can make a huge difference. If it does not go away you will have to see the doctor cause those things only get worse until you feel ill all over and want to bash your head in on the wall or it could be something else that you can't treat at home. Sometimes it can begin to effect the urinary tract to. I went in to my doctor for what seemed like a uti and found I had an insane yeast infection that took 3 rounds of meds to clear up. So long as I eat yogurt daily and wear breatheable underwear which I change at least every 12hrs I don't have any problems.

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