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Thread: IUD and menstrual odor

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    Question IUD and menstrual odor

    Around a month ago I had the Paragard IUD (copper) insterted. I got my period earlier than expected after it was insterted, and am now having some spotting about a week after my period ended. (dr told me this could be normal for the first few months)

    The problem is, both my period and this spotting has a strong odor. It's the same smell that I have somewhat smelled if I didn't use scented tampons before, but MUCH stronger. As for the rest of the time since I've had the IUD inserted there is no odor at all, only when there is blood.

    Has anyone experienced this or know if this is normal? After researching a little on the internet I've only come across people with BV issues, and since the odor is only present with menstruation I'm not sure if that's what this is.... thanks in advance.

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    Hi there, has your regular cervical mucous changed at all? My first thought would be BV or thrush as well. So if you're completely sure that your discharge is normal the rest of the month, then we can rule that out.

    I'm not sure what it could be then... I had the IUD and too had increased flow (which never normalized for me, btw, in the end forcing me to have the IUD removed). I also developed constant thrush, but the actual menstrual blood's odor didn't change.

    I'd wait and see until your next period. It might be the copper is reacting oddly with your fluids, don't know.

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