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Thread: Girlfriends vagina smells BAD

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    Default Girlfriends vagina smells BAD

    Hello all,

    My girlfriend's vagina smells bad. When we have sex there is always white stuff that comes out of her vagina and it smells really bad. It gets on my penis and I always have to wash to the bathroom to wipe up. It's just become a common thing, I can't imagine sex without it anymore, always gotta go wash my penis after. If she showers it smells fine and I will eat her out, but it doesn't stay that way for long. Fingering her for foreplay? Forget it, I couldn't use my hands after because there would be smelly white stuff on them.

    I have brought it up a few times and she reluctantly agreed to see a doctor and went three different times and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong. It has been a few months since then and I brought it up again and she says that's how it is and there's nothing she can do to fix it and it will be there forever. I say we should get a second opinion because not all vaginas smell bad, and she just gets mad and won't go. We are in a fight about it now. I am not sure what to do. My previous partners didn't have this problem, their vagina always seemed clean, so I know it's not normal.

    I am wondering, what should I do about this? I love her and don't want to leave her, but I really want this problem fixed and don't like that she just says it's normal and refuses to do anything more about it.
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    I'm having trouble with this...

    White stuff? White is normal, she is normal, as for smell? She could have BV, which would make the colour cream, to light yellowish and smell, it is also common but can be treated...

    I suggest that you have a look on our Forum under the said topics.

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    Have her tested, for STIs, BV....also have her pH and hormone level checked. It may also depend on her diet - the food she eats.

    Have her eat fresh pineapples as it is full of phytochemicals. It doesn't only clean the intestines, makes the breath smell sweet and fresh, but also the southern part would be sweet smelling.
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    I assume if the doc said that she was okay, then she doesn't have any kind of yeast or bacterial infection, or STI.
    White stuff is normal. So is cleaning up after sex! Sex is a messy, smelly sort of thing. And her smell is probably "normal," but that doesn't mean it can't be improved ...
    Caterpillar mentioned changing her diet - pineapples really work, it's been proven in studies. If her diet is otherwise junky or unhealthy, steer her towards fruits and veggies.
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    Can you provide more detail?
    Is the white stuff thick, chunky, what is it that makes you think it is not just normal vaginal lubrication or secretions?
    What is the odor like? Can you identify it as, say, fishy or ammonia?
    Drinking lots of water may help this as well as diet changes provided it isn't an infection that the test didn't pick up.
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