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Thread: Feels like a UTI--But it's not?

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    Unhappy Feels like a UTI--But it's not?

    Hey everyone,
    For the past six months I've had on-and-off symptoms that are very similar to a UTI's...I've been to the doctor about it, but after doing a urine test, it was discovered I did not have a UTI.
    What confused me more than that was that the medicine (a general antibiotic) I was given got rid of the problem. My mom and I are wondering if, then, it is some other type of infection. Urinary Tract analgesics get rid of my symptoms, but of course they wear off after awhile and the symptoms return.

    Here are my symptoms:
    -An ache while urinating (not a burn...more like a really tight cramp within my vagina)
    -Vulva sensitivity--if anything touches it, my vagina becomes irritated. If I'm not sore at a moment, going commando in PJ pants keeps everything okay as long as I don't use the restroom.
    -Prolonging soreness inside

    I think what is causing it is sex with my boyfriend...if we don't use enough lubricant, I get those symptoms the next day. I thought maybe it was because I was torn or something, but antibiotics get rid of it and I've had symptoms persist for three weeks before.

    I was wondering if my doctor's a hack or if I really am a mystery case. Has anybody else had this problem before?

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    Not sure how to edit my post...just have to add that neither my boyfriend nor I have any STDs and I am not on any medication--no birth control. We use latex condoms and I have not exhibited any allergies to latex.

    I used to have a yeast infection, but it has been gone for several months. I'm also prone to other fungal infections, but those are usually skin-related and are triggered by how much sugar or sodium I eat.

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    Just a suggestion... try a non-latex condom. Even if you haven't shown other allergy symptoms to latex... you might be a little sensitive to it. I never had issues with latex gloves or anything... I would get UTI symptoms all the time and would get tested frequently... I haven't had an issue since we stopped using latex condoms and it has been years.

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    Use a lubricant! Astroglide or something similiar. They really help a lot.

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    We tried non-latex condoms last night for the first time---no burning! No changes in our practices otherwise...didn't have to use any more lube than usual. Thank you all for the suggestions!

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    I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis, but had symptoms similar to that of a UTI. I had to pee quite often and I felt pain in what felt like my urethra, as well as vaginal aching and lower abdominal and back pain.

    If you do have BV, that might explain why the antibiotics helped.

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