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Thread: musky smell

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    Question musky smell

    Now after going to two ob/gyns and results for infections coming back negative, I think I am forced to accept that I am "normal."

    But what is a vagina **supposed** to smell like? I have heard, "musky". What does THAT smell like?
    Mine smells a little sweaty, I think. It's not overpowering but I guess I don't like it. Is that normal? I am a virgin so I don't know, do men like it?

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    Why do you think you smell a little sweaty? How old are you?

    All women have a slightly different scent, from my experience. A woman who doesn't bathe at a close enough interval may smell like dried sweat, but I have never been with one who didn't bathe often enough. A mild musky scent is OK; musk is a common scent for applying on the body.
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