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Thread: Stringy Vaginal Fluid

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    Default Stringy Vaginal Fluid

    About two years ago, I have a urinary tract infection. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, which gave me a yeast infection. I was treated with Terazol, and then followed by Fluconazole.

    Although I was treated successfully for the UTI and yeast infection, I found myself with another problem. As soon as the yeast infection cleared, there was an evident change in my vaginal fluid. The amount and consistency (clear or creamy depending on where I am in my cycle) are normal, but in addition, I now have something that looks like stringy partially cooked egg whites in my vaginal fluid. It does not change or go away during my cycle, but instead is always present.

    I went back to the doctor. They ran every test they could think of, and when they didn't find anything, they told me it was probably a result of pre-menopause.
    I have never found any information that confirms this, and I find it hard to believe since it all started when I was treated for a UTI and yeast infection.
    I have been troubled by this for about two years now. It has affects my sex life, and I find it a highly embarrassing problem.

    I am 46 years old and would appreciate any information anyone can provide.

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    I have had this kind of discharge before! I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I am almost sure it was at a healthy time in my life, and I think it comes and goes. Mine was sort of the consistency of the adhesive they use to put removable cards in magazines ... you know, the stuff you can pull out and roll into balls ...
    I'm only 19, so I certainly hope it's not a pre-menopausal symptom!

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    From everything I've ever heard or read, this sounds relatively normal. Based on what you said, it sounds similar to what women experience during ovulation: Something described as a discharge reminiscent of stringy egg whites, which, if you wanna look, is described that way A LOT. However, due to your age, that may not be the case. But one thing I do know, and I'm sure you know as well, is that discharge that is:
    A: Not accompanied by itching, swelling, pain, or burning
    B: Not gray, yellow, brown, or green in color
    C: Not foul smelling

    is most likely not a cause for concern. Everything from age to monthly cycle can determine a healthy change in discharge.

    Not a doctor by ANY stretch, but I hope I may have helped


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