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Thread: Clear watery discharge!!! Normal?

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    Unhappy Clear watery discharge!!! Normal?

    ok...for some reason for the past 2 months, after my period, i have been getting a clear, odorless, watery discharge that lasts about 5 days after my period and then goes away! i don't know if this is normal or anything to worry about but it's really annoying! i can feel it come out of me a few times throught the day. i know it's not urine because it's completely clear and has no smell at all. please help! is something wrong with me??

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    ive had that b4 so i went to the doctor she told me it was just ovulation. which i thought was odd because i didnt think anything would come out when your ovulating. but anyway that was my reason for the clear discharge after my period. if u need more answers just see your doctor, thats what i did

    good luck!

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    The same thing happens to me to every month after my period, so yah i think its normal transition after our cycle


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