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Thread: Garlic in the Vagina as a Routine?

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    Default Garlic in the Vagina as a Routine?

    To promote a healthy vagina, can I put garlic in my vagina even if there doesn't feel like there is problem, to try to prevent problems?
    If there was a problem, how can tell that the garlic is working? Does extra discharge happen when you put garlic in your vagina whether it's healthy or not?

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    I would not recommend you do anything unless you speak to your Doctor.

    From what I know, a clove of garlic (without) the skin is safe to do for "mild" infections, not "nil" infections to then be taken out in the morning, discharge is to be expected.

    Try eating more garlic.. That's always a given that it's good for you, although you may wish to also then eat parsley as garlic comes straight back out through your pores..
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