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Thread: Bumps around vaginal opening?!

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    Default Bumps around vaginal opening?!

    Hey there guys. I know no one likes repeat topics but I've spent a year trying to find an active topic that was actually conclusive...And I am desperate.

    Every doctor so far has ignored this stuff despite my protests and screams of pain during examination with a speculum, numerous internal ultrasounds etc I have real trouble inserting tampons (or anything) The lumps/swelling tend to flare up and down and I'm not sure if it's related to my cycle as well as irritation from friction for example.

    I have enough other issues with what's inside my vagina and in my head (I can't help feeling like I am bad and 'not allowed' to enjoy sex like normal people...) let alone issue with the entrance.

    The pain gets so bad I can't sit down at all at times. In have a feeling I might have a cystocele and/or vulvar vestibulitis though apparently no GYN I've seen has heard of them. I just got out of hospital and they gave me no answers.

    I am 20, sexually active with 1 parter (clean and previously a virgin) and I only see him every few months. No STDs, clean pap smears (though unexplained bleeding...)

    I am just going to be frank... WTF is this ********zle???!

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    Here are some pictures. I'm so frustrated at the doctors refusing to acknowledge this I don't care who finds it on the Internet.

    Cramped isn't it

    A slightly older picture. Too swollen to sit without pain

    2 this morning. You can imagine what shoving a plastic speculum past this feels like. Ow. It was all just smooth years ago (aside from the normal ribbing/rugae) and I don't remember the top and bottom parts of my vaginal walls hanging so low the rub against eachother. I think there are more of these bumps inside, which could explain how the end of my IUD string actually cut me prior to removal.

    Thanks for your time and patience, ladies (and the occasional gent) xxxx
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    if you look on some peoples tumblr account and you can see what other people vulvas look like to check yours and btw yours is normal
    i found this photo of this persons vaginal opening:
    they said its normal, see theres nothing to worry about

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    This looks like vulvar vestibulitis . go to google images, you will see more images there.

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    Something seems to be causing pimple like swellings, but I can't come up with a cause.
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