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Thread: Can cysts pop?

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    Unhappy Can cysts pop?

    Last month the day before I got my period I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in the lower left hand section of my stomach. The pain was so sever that I was throwing up. I could not even urinate because it hurt so badly that I could not 'push' the pee out even though I had to pee very bad. When I was vomiting from the pain I heard something "pop" in that part of my belly and the pain almost killed me. I ended up going to the ER in a tank top in -35 Celsius because I didn't even feel the cold I was so concentrated on my stomach. I never ever go to the ER and rarely ever make doctors appointments and have a decently high pain threshold but this night I don't even remember I felt sort of "out of it". I asked the doctors to just put me to sleep and told them I could not take it anymore. They checked me for kidney stones, pregnancy and did an ultrasound. They took blood, urine and also did a PAP test. Absolutely nothing came up. I started my period at the hospital that night and the only thing that they told me was that it was severely bad menstrual cramps. I'm 17 years old and on Birth Control. I have only been sexually active with one person who has also only been sexually active with me (and I'm 100% sure of it) and we have always used a condom and do not have sex if I missed my pill in the week prior to. I am having hard time believing that the pain I experienced was just a menstrual cramp. I overheard a girl at my hairdressers say that she heard her ovarian cyst "pop". Do you think that popping noise I heard was it popping and that's why I was in so much pain? They did an ultrasound to check for cysts.. would it have shown up if it already popped?

    Sorry for the long post, I hope someone knows the answer to this! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

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    You may have had an ovarian cyst that did indeed burst. I've never heard of anyone hearing it pop, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

    My sister-in-law's sister had a ovarian cyst that burst this summer at a barbecue she was hosting... the pain was excruciating, like you mentioned, on one side, and the pain was so intense she was vomiting and passed out.

    I am not sure if the cyst would have shown on ultrasound if it had already burst - this girl had a history of cysts but she had never had one pop before.

    FYI, my cousin's cramps are so bad she has both vomited and passed out from the pain. One of my best friends, too, our whole lives growing up. So it is possible for the pain to be that bad on occasion.

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    I actually had a cyst bust on me i tell you that is so painful.I was at work when mine busted i couldn't even walk.I called my dr. he had me do an ultra sound but they did not see anything. He just gave me pain meds for a few days.

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    The first one I ever had ruptured. I, too, rarely go to the Dr. so I was dealing with the annoying pain until it got unbearable. By the time I finally went, it had ruptured. That is why it hurt so much worse. They did see fluid from it on the ultrasound that visit. I have had several since then, and have learned a couple of things: 1. Doctors never seem as concerned about ovarian cysts as I do. 2. The symptoms can vary a lot! After I had a few, I could tell when I had one (and usually when it ruptured). Another time when I went, I knew I had one rupture, but they didn't see anything on the ultrasound. As far as actually hearing one pop- I never have, but I have heard lots of gurgling sounds, etc. from that area and stomach area.


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