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Thread: Large amount of fluid discharge during sex.

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    Angry Large amount of fluid discharge during sex.

    I've had two kids and my youngest is one. Have never experience this before and hope some one can help me. The last two times my husband and I have had sex I have had a gush of discharge. This is during sex and I have not had a orgasm. There is no odour, is very spontaneous and a abnormal amount of fluid.
    Thanks hope you can enlighten me.

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    As women age, their hormones will change and fluctuate. You have probably just had a change in hormones. Many women will experience an increase in the amount of fluid they secrete which is usually more noticeable when they are aroused.

    As long as their is no odor and you are not experiencing any symptoms, I would not worry about it. It always helps put your mind at ease to see the gynecologist too though.

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    Default Maybe an answer?

    Is it almost a clear fluid with no odor at all? It may be possible your husband hit your g-spot. I am 38, divorced for 8 years, dated different men and within the last 8 months my current bf has hit my "spot" twice. I freaked out, I thought I peed! I have never experienced that before. I'm sorry if this is a little graphic, but it may actually be a possibility.


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