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Thread: Help! How do you remove your pubic hair with an Epilator?

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    Red face Help! How do you remove your pubic hair with an Epilator?

    Can anyone please specifically tell me how to use an Epilator for your pubic region? I really want to clear everything but I am afraid that my labia might get hurt from using an Epilator. It looks really intimidating actually. Need some personal experience&advise from people.

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    I just bought my first epilator and I tell you, I would never put that thing anywhere near my vagina. It's painful enough to use on the legs.

    Why not just go get waxed?
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    OUCH! I agree with Lana, that would be super painful!!

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    How about just trimming it or enjoying it the way nature gave it to you?
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    Some people find body hair, especially pubes gross.
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    Waxing the pubic area at my place is a bit rare, so it's hard for me to find a parlor which does it. Anyway, I tried it last night but just at the crotch area.. It's not that painful actually, it just feels like an electric jolt once in a while. xD

    >>Wild Child: Sometimes you just gotta stop nature from creating a jungle for you. xD

    >>ItsASecret: For me, it's not gross it's just unhygienic.

    I was just wondering is it possible to do it on the labia area. Has anybody tried it?
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    Maybe you should consider the following post before....

    The Wax Job ( Humor)

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    An epilator works just like waxing, hair shaft needs to be at least of an inch long for the epilator to successful grab, Adjust speed of epilator for efficiency, Take hot bath, warm water relax your pores and allow for easier removal. Using an epilator is uncomfortable but you can minimize the pain by starting with the least resistant hair, Pull your skin tight .

    After use, you should properly clean the epilator head with the cleansing brush or wipes provided with it to minimise the chances of infection.

    Adverse effects of hair removal with epilators are negligible. Some people may experience a little skin redness after epilating; however, it subsides in a few hours. You may find the process painful, but, the pain is not intolerable.

    Now take care

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