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Thread: Herbs for facial hair reduction?

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    Default Herbs for facial hair reduction?

    I'm sorry this is a bit lengthy...
    Ok let me just start out by saying that I'm 24 and have had a problem with facial hair since I was 18. It started with my upper lip and has spread to my chin and neck since then.
    I went to the doctor today for my annual womanly check up and asked her about getting my hormones tested because of my facial hair and also I have very thick arm hair and some on my stomach. (I have thought for a while and after doing some research that I my have an androgen imbalance) She replied by saying she didn't think that we would find any imbalances from a test, and she thought it was probably just genetic because I have very dark, thick hair and eyebrows. I asked her if there was anything I could do at all and she just said, laser. Which I cannot afford.
    Well, I was completely crushed. I was actually very hopeful going in. I have done a little research on herbs that reduce facial hair and am wondering if any of you women on here have tried anything like that? I am desperate at this point but determined. There has got to be something out there to slow the growth. (And I'm still convinced that I'm imbalanced).
    I've read that saw palmetto is one herb that is frequently used for facial hair reduction in women since it is an anit-androgen. However, the backs of the bottles of saw palmetto say "not recommended for use by women". Is it still safe for women to take saw palmetto?
    Any help or input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Have you done any research on Turmeric?

    Are your periods regular? Are you overweight? Alot of women with the hair issue have PCOS.

    I have some excess hair. Nothing major, but still a pain in the patootie. A few strays on my chin and upper lip. The ones on my chin are coarse hard hairs, while the upper lip are just darkened "peach fuzz". I started trying to pluck and then realized that, I take a super biotin every day and my hair grows VERY fast so I just couldn't keep up. I'd be mortified if I got to work and saw a stray hanging from my delicate feminine chin. I first started bleaching the hairs. Then one day I decided to try Nair. I have a Shower Nair and it fortunately doesn't cause any bad reaction with my skin. Leave it on for about 10 before you get in the shower, then wash it off in the shower and it works well for me.

    There is a new cream out there that I believe is prescription only (believe it starts with a v...though I know that's not very helpful) that is supposed to be great for hair removal. It sounds like your doctor just isn't really taking the time to understand your concerns. What would've been the harm in her testing your hormone levels to rule out something like PCOS or other imbalance? And the average person can't afford laser hair removal.

    Other issues can cause excess hair growth: thyroid dysfunction, adrenal hyperplasia. It could certainly be an excess androgen disorder, but I'd want to rule out the other things before I started researching natural treatments. How do you know how to fix something if you don't know what you're fixing? Saw Palmetto is normally used by men with prostate issues. There is so evidence that it helps with enlarged prostates. Anything else it claims to do, there is really not enough evidence.

    I understand your frustration. :\ My recommendation is as follows:

    1. Insist upon a hormone test which should include your thyroid.
    2. Develop your plan of action based on the results.

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    If the OP believed saw palmetto would remove unwanted facial hair, I expect she'd have already bought some. She came here to ask and get advice. Some people truly believe in holistic medicine, including herbal supplements and herbs to relieve certain ailments. Turmeric is an herb used in other countries for facial treatments and is used on women that want to remove unwanted facial hair. How does it know where to work? Because it is rubbed on the face. Will it work for everyone? Probably not. But neither does every prescription drug. In a society in which medical costs are so extravagant, prescription meds are expensive and even then not always pays to have an open mind about the benefits of natural treatments.

    The OP asked her doctor for advice, and laser therapy was the only one given even though the OP asked to have her hormone levels checked. Surely most doctors are aware that most 24 year old women cannot afford numerous laser treatments. Unwanted facial hair can be very traumatic for a woman, especially one who is 24 and in her dating/highly social years. It deflates self esteem on a tremendous level and should be treated just as seriously as it affects ones life.

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    "The next time you're thinking of kicking someone when they're down, offer them your hand and help them back up instead."

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