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Thread: My Husband has a girlfriend

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    Default My Husband has a girlfriend

    Here I am again, My Husband moved out of our home on June 13th and said he needed some SPACE,,,, well turns out his (space) is with a girl that is 10yrs younger than him. SHOCKER HUH??? He is STILL saying that he has NEVER cheated on me, OMG well anyway I called her to ask her some questions, she said that she didnt feel comfortable answering my questions, she said he told her that we were getting a divorce, and had been apart for a long time. well he probably did.but we still have never even went to see a lawyer. I know it was stupid to call her but I wanted to here it from her. He didnt even know that I knew. NOW he does... He is lieing to everyone even our Son and telling them that I have a boyfriend NOT TRUE !!!! I have NEVER been with another man in 18yrs HONEST!!! He is also telling our friends that I want a divorce not him,, What the heck??? why lie?? even now that I know about her?? Its like he is 2 different people, sometimes he is really sweet and the next day or two he turns into a man that I have never met. I do and probably always will Love him with all of my heart and soul and its killing me, I really would like to hate him, but I cant!! I am trying to move on with my life, but 15yrs of being married to him there are too many memories. he did come to pick up our Son on Sunday for a few hours but isnt spending much time at all with him, still lieing and saying he is at work when he is with her. I cant stand to see him hurting our Son, and it is. He told him that he wasnt seeing anyone but our Son picked up his phone when she text him and it read ( I know , I was thinking the same thing,,, I love you too) he couldnt lie out of that so he just yelled at him and said that he shouldnt have looked at the text, Go figure,, this hurts so much but I have to get him out of my life. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

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    He moved out 13th June, and before the 30th June, you both had sex together, did you tell the girlfriend that bit?

    Can you see yourself, how spitful that is? Sleeping with his "wife" whilst sleeping with another?

    Why would you even think that he deserves you.

    I'm sorry, I understand that he may not have been "sure" as he also stated, no don't Divorce, and things like "I'll still do your lawns"...

    But, I just think that, that is sooooo wrong...

    The only way for you to win, is to ignore him, totally as if he doesn't exist, do not allow him back into your bedroom, do not allow conversations between you and him, just say nothing at all...

    It's what we "don't" say that they hate the most.. He will always wonder if he made the right decision.

    But, if you show you still love him and sleep with him again, he has it all does he not?


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    Better get tested for STDs.

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    Default get over it before its too late

    i have 30 years expierence with almost the same thing as you... my husband cheated with a neighbor, bar maids, and tried with my sister... a real sleeze... one thing i can tell you is, there is always a silver lining to these situations.... these things happen to women like us because we allow it, just that simple.... I was like you , my husband lied to our friends family and children to make himself feel better... He wreaked my health, stress does a number on it and broke my heart bigtime... but I was in control of my own life and i realized later that I allowed this man to break my spirit, health and my reputation. I walked into a lawyer last week, 4 days after having my gall bladder removed( the last straw)My husband said it happened to me because i refused to go to his families for christmas eve, imagine that!!!! I have this best friend(guy) who had known all of the horrible things this man did to me and we have talked and he told me he has been in love with me since we met... He wants to buy out my husbands half of my 600 thousaund dollor home, so i dont have to move me or my son..He has 5 kids all grown, he is mid 50's and me just wonderful between us we have 7. this man is the last of an old breed... a true gentlemen, he is honest , loyal and adores me..we have gone to the opera, not that he wanted to go but he knew that was one of my dreams, a vacation to savannah, myrtle beach, concerts , carriage rides in nyc, plays, and wonderful 5 star resturaunts... i also never have to shop by myself because he says he just wants to be with me and he doesnt care what we do, what a switch from the last one..i do love him too maybe not in the same way i did before but the repect and fun we have can not be surpassed..The love i felt for my husband wasnt healthy for me, i knew that from the day we got married and so did my mother.. you know in your heart whats best for you, this man makes you feel horrible about yourself and is only capable a singular realationship which is just to make himself feel good all the time... he doesnt care about you, nor does he have any morals or he wouldnt cheat and lie about it, he can sleep at night , how about you... you will meet a wonderful guy, i am sure about it.... do yourself a favor, get a new hair style , change the way you dress, maybe a little more sexy will do the trick and stick to it... do things that make you feel good and do them far as your son is concerned, dont say anything bad about him to your son, your son will find out soon enough what a piece of your soon to be ex is,,, you talking bad about him only gives your son more ammunition to use about you as he gets older, take it from someone who knows.... So do yourself a favor, go to a lawyer, if you cant afford one there is always modest means in every state, i live on long island, ny, but i know they are in every state... if you need any help at all please let me know... the sooner you start to change your life the better off you will be... i know its hard but a new life for you without pain is right around the corner youj just have to let it happen... good luck to you and i can only hope this year will be the turning point in your life

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