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Thread: healthiest drinking cups?

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    Default healthiest drinking cups?

    There are a variety of drinking cups made up by glass, enamel, plastic. But the healthiest drinking cup is glass cup, because glass cups do not contain organic chemicals in the process of firing. When people drink water or other drinks with the glass, they do not have to worry about those chemicals go into the drink. And glass cups are easy to clean because the glass surface is smooth, so there is no bacteria and dirt.
    Experts also advocate using enamel cups because enamel cup do not contain lead and hazardous substances. Enamel cup is made by the process heated under a thousand-degree. But the brightly colored paint on colorful ceramic cups particularly coated with glaze in inner wall will cause harm to human body. When we add the boiling water or high acid, alkaline drinks into the cup, the lead and toxic heavy metals in these pigments are likely to dissolve in the liquids; people will drink the liquids with chemical substances.
    Plastic cups are the unhealthiest, because plastic is frequently added a plasticizer which contains a number of toxic chemicals.When we add the hot water or boiled water into plastic cup, toxic chemicals easily diluted into the water. And there are many pores in the plastic internal micro-structure which hide the dirt leading to breed bacteria.
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