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Thread: He Likes to Smell Me

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    Default He Likes to Smell Me

    I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. We just started early stages of intimacy and now, every time we kiss or cuddle, he likes to smell me... a lot. I've never been with someone who is like this. For example, he likes to smell my hair, which is not odd, but he'll smell all my skin like my face while we're kissing or my neck or arm. Things like that. He told me I smell really good a couple of times, which I think is sweet, but I'm also a bit weirded out by how much he is interested in my scent. I know that scent is linked to sexual attraction, but his is unusually obvious. Should I be turned on or indifferent or is this actually weird?

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    I'd find it funny more than anything. If a little strange.

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    This would be a fetish related thing, as the pheromones that people will try to say is the cause of this do not actually have a scent. In fact no scientist has ever been able to pin point a single chemical that is 100% a human pheromone...we all (I am a scientist) basically accept that there is something causing a pheromone-like effect but there is nothing concrete. So his reasoning for smelling you could be something subconscious that he just enjoys. But smelling hair is not weird, I spray pretty things like lemon or coconut sprays in my hair because my bf really likes that but smelling the face? I would honestly just end up laughing. Unless it gets really strange like needing to smell you to get himself off I would just remain indifferent about it if that is indeed how you feel. Smells are fine to be aroused by but maybe limit that to when you put on a nice smelling lotion or something, just straight up smelling a part of your body can feel weird for you and end up stopping any arousal you may have had earlier.
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    I don't think it is weird. I just think it is something he probably enjoys or finds comforting. I love the way my husband smells, he just smells like... A man. He wears no cologne, just him, his deodorant/soap/shampoo and our laundry detergent. The best is when he gets out of bed before me and I can bury my face in his pillow, it is comforting to me, it smells like him. He says the same of me. I don't wear perfume, but he loves the way I smell, me, my shampoo, my body wash, etc.

    I guess it could be taken to extremes, but like the others above, I'd just laugh and if it got annoying, probably smile and tell him to go smell himself for a few and leave me alone for a while, lol.
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    Maybe it is a little unusual, but the scent of a SO can be intoxicating. And for a person who has a sensitive nose, can tell them a lot about the other person. Before my wife went through menopause I could tell when she was about to have her period a day or two before by scent. She thought I was psychic. It could be a fetish, but more likely he is sensitive to scents and likes exploring yours. It is most likely not weird.
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