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Thread: Perimenopause & Long / Irregular Periods

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    Default Perimenopause & Long / Irregular Periods

    I am 52 & always had regular periods but w/very bad cramps. Since the beginning of this yr, had long periods sometimes for a month then it would stop & return 10 days later for another 10 days. Two weeks later 15 days period. Crampy but not as bad as when younger. This really sucks, PERIODS PLEASE GO AWAY! CMON MENOPAUSE! I cannot wait for this to be over.

    Saw GP, Pap normal TV & Pelvic US showed fibroids, referred to Gyno waiting for results of biopsy. Hope results will be okay. If you are in your 50s & having irregular, long periods please be sure to have it checked out by an MD!

    Crazies/hyper - let's not even go there!

    Oh and forgetful? ... Where was I?

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    I am 52 started having heavy periods last September including a lot of blooed whe I went to the toilet, obviously I thought this was in my urine and I was referred to Eurology had lots of tests all clear, they sent me to gynaecology and had biopsies they were fine, however
    they also fitted the Mirena Coil to help to ease the periods, I tried this for 5 months yes I had less bleeding for four months but it was every single day, dishcarge and bleeding then this last three weeks I have been bleeding so went to the doctors yesterday to havce the Mirena coil out and try to assess myself again still bleeding heavily, been to chemist and bought some Black Cohosh. I am glad I have had teh cil out but not sure where I am heading now. My main worry is going back to work again on Monday and just hoping I will be able to stay there, I find it very hard to get through the day when I am bleeding heavily. Does anyone else go to work with this awful menopause? Do you just put up with it? Thanks

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    Perimenopause is an unavoidable occurrence that affects middle aged women. It starts anywhere between 2- 10 years before the woman’s menstrual cycle come to an end. A woman usually realizes she is going through perimenopause by its symptoms. There are several symptoms that may occur as a result of this process, some of them are:
    1. Hot/cold flashes
    2. Night sweats
    3. Weakened finger nails
    4. Tinnitus
    5. Anxiety
    6. Confusion
    7. Sleep problems
    8. Gum problems
    9. Mood swings
    10. Dizziness
    11. Loss of balance

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    Exclamation need help plz

    hi im new here and i need some help with some answers im 41 yrs old and im 5 days passed my due date for my period i was told that i went through menapause but this is the frist period i have missed all my periods are between 26 and 28 days and last for 5 days i thought maybe im pregnant but friends tell me no im not that ive gone through the change could someone help me with this?

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