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Thread: Bleeding for 10 weeks

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    Unhappy Bleeding for 10 weeks

    Last summer I went though 7 weeks of this. Started skipping periods in Jan. of 09. Skipped Jan., Feb., March of 09. Then got April & May normal ones. In June of 09 I bleed lightly for 6 weeks, then last week of that one ( 7th week ) I poured blood for 5 straight days. No health insurance I went to a friends doctor and had bloodwork and pelvic Ultra Sound. Blood work showed low Iron ( that made sense bleeding for 7 weeks ). Pelvic Ultra Sound showed no thickening of lining where a D&C would be required, but did show a cyst on my left ovary. Was told to take Iron. Anyway it bleeding finally stopped after 7 weeks. Got a normal period in Aug. of 08. No period since Sept. of 09. Then Feb.2, 2010 I started one and at present it hasn't STOPPED!

    At the very end of March it ceased for 5 days but when I had straining bowel movements blood was present in discharge. Then BAM bleeding started all over again. 3 out of the 6th weeks bled a lot more than in summer. Not so much changing a lot of pads but when i went to bathroom, a lot of blood came out of me. For last week My God, Blood Clots the size of base balls have been coming out of me. And the blood just pouring out. I have became TERRIFIED. None of my friends my age bled this long.

    Could this anyway be normal?

    Today started the 10th week, and I am going to have to go back to this doctor. Still have no insurance otherwise I would of been there weeks ago. Am not eligible for State help ( Stupid me I worked all my life ). So I will again have to pay for blood work and any tests out of pocket again.

    I'm just wondering if since the last Pelvic Ultra Sound last July something could of changed that dramatically. Like the thickening of lining. My God I don't know how I would pay for a D&C. The blood work and P.US. were costly enough. But I can't just sit here and continue to bleed non stop with being seen. I'm scared I have something worse that would require major surgery. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'll be 53 in less than 3 weeks. At this point I'm just hoping to still be alive. I have a horrid sinus condition that I've had for 12 years. I cough constantly and at times so hard I wet my pants. So I don't know if this could be aggravating this bleeding problem or what. Thankfully I never stopped taking the Iron.

    But has anybody else gone through this. Please tell me. 10 weeks of Bleeding, Blood Clots. Can all this be relatively normal? For God's sake if you ended up having to have a hysterectomy please don't even reply. I will have a heart attack.

    What in the world is happening to me? And has anybody else experienced this? I'm terrified of going to sleep for fear I'll wake up completely hemorrhaging.


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    I'd definitely be going into the Dr. Sounds kind of similar to what my mom went through. I swear, I think she bled for a year... She's not one for Dr's.

    She did end up going in and the did an ablation. I can't remember what kind, but ever since she has been fine and it has been over a year.

    Keep us posted.
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    Im 31 and currently going through something that sounds exactly like you. I don't know what to do. I don't qualify for state help either, so I can't afford to go to the doctor either. I need help too. Did you ever resolve your issue?

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    The OP hasn't been here for nearly a year. It would be nice if she returned to tell us how this worked out. I experienced continuous bleeding but had a thickened uterine lining and had a D&C and Ablation. No problem since. At that time I had insurance (but was on a deadline, ins ended a couple weeks after the procedure). I don't know what I would do if I had that problem now. I haven't had insurance since the end of 2008. Actually I do know what I would do - suffer. I have foot pain whenever I stand or walk and I'm just living with it. It sucks but with 10% of the American population controlling 2/3 of the nations net worth, I don't think those of us in the penny seats are going to get much help or sympathy.

    I guess you could go to the emergency room and hope to qualify for some sort of charity treatment or reduced payment? The original OP and I are of like age and probably would chalk this up are menopause related but at your age the reasons would be probably be different.
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    Try not to be so scared, many many women have the same problems because your body is adjusting to this stage of your life. I also have the very long bleeding, this last one has been almost four months, after a while you do get used to it and some how manage to live your life around it. Fortunately mine tend to be quite light on bleeding but I do pass large clots (I know its awful). I really don't have a whole lot of the other symtoms of perimenopause so I chose to take the natural approach. Have you tried Red Raspberry tea for heavy bleeding??? It does work as does Ibuprofen (over the counter) shepherds purse tincture which is a herb for bleeding. Are you low on Vitamin K???? Do you take a mulitvitamin especially with iron?? You may want to look online for these herbal remedies.Other herbs are Nettle, Horsetail, Black Cohosh, Red raspberry tea is great with a little honey. Try not to worry, we all go through this in our own way and it doesn't mean something sinister is going on in our bodies. You WILL get through it, just hang in there and make sure you take pads with you because you can never predict when you will start again((

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