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Thread: Perimenopausal bleeding

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    Red face Perimenopausal bleeding

    I know that many women on here post about the long drawn out bleeding that can really impact your life while going through perimenopause, I know mine have lasted months at a time. Recently while speaking to a friend about this she recommended a tincture (liquid with dropper) called Shepherds Purse and I thought OK why not I have nothing much too lose (pun intended) and besides nothing else was working. So for three months my period was light to heavy but never ending, I made up one glass put in 30 drops. Within two hours period was down too almost nothing, I was really really surprised. By the next morning and my second glass almost no period, no clots, nothing but a pink tinge on the tissue when wiping. I cannot believe this can work like this when so many women need help. Why did I have to go through so much to finally find something that wasn't surgery or hormones???? Anyway I thought I would pass this along and would be interested to learn if anyone else has tried this out????

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