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Thread: I am 43 years old

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    Default I am 43 years old

    Just turned 43 in June, and I realize with alot of stuff that I have read menopause can hit you at anytime.

    I have always been regular with my periods so far but this month I am a couple of days late. I realize that a couple is no big deal, I wouldnt even think anything about anything, but my nipples are sore. So I am thinking what the is going on!!!! I have notice that they have been sensitive now for almost a week.

    I am probably over reacting, and I guess I could just go get a test to be sure. My youngest is 10 1/2.

    This is probably really crazy thinking on my part.

    I guess what I am asking is: Is that one of the symptoms? I have been very irritable and I do feel like I am going to start any minute.

    I didnt even introduce myself, I am married with three kids, the oldest is going into her second year of college (19 girl), I have a 15 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.

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    Smile Menopause symptoms

    I would definitely see a doctor but it could be menopausal because I had something like that and the doctor said it was peri-menopause. What I had would come and go but everybody is different. They can give you a test to check your fsh levels and they'll tell you if you are just beginning peri-menopause. Honestly, I was scared when I had those strange sensations on my chest because at the time I was 37 and I thought I was pregnant.


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