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Thread: Early Period And On The Pill! Please Help!

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    Exclamation Early Period And On The Pill! Please Help!

    Im new to this forum and would like some help.
    I dont have anyone to talk to so help would be much appreciated.
    I got my period last night but the thing is that they just went there on the 16th August.
    This has never happened to me before. Im on the pill and was not due my perios till around the 10th september.
    Does anyone have a reason why this has come so early?
    I would also like to know if i should keep taking my pill as normal so that around the 10th September i take my 7 day break. Is it still ok to have sex? Im with my boyfriend 4 years so he does not wear a condom. Im just afraid now with this going on incase i get pregnant!

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    Hello there, the whole breakthrough bleeding is normal it can happen especially if you are stressed, or have a lot going on. A woman's body is very finicky especially about stress... as far as i know it should still be ok to have sex and please continue to take your pills if you miss your period all together when you are supposed to have it or if it continues to be this way go see your GYN, just a couple of questions though are you new to the pill? and did you have sex right after your period stopped? if you did have sex after your period stopped it could just be excess lining of your uterus from the penetration being dropped, it's ok nothing's wrong. I hope that this has helped.
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    Em,no ive been on this pill for 3 years. This has never happened to me before and i didnt have sex just after my period stopped. We had visitors so it was kind of hard to fit the time in. Lol!
    ive asked my mam and she told me not to take the 7 day break that you take when you are on the pill. So i should just continue straight onto next month then?


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