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Thread: Period NOT stopping...

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    Question Period NOT stopping...

    The past two times I have had a period, they have lasted for more than a month. The first time was at the beginning of July, and my period lasted until the middle of August. The next period I had started at the end of September and hasn't stopped yet. Before this, my periods had been steadily getting longer...for example, all of my periods in the year previous were anywhere up to 2 1/2 weeks long. The periods are usually not very heavy, although in the middle of October, for about a week my period was so heavy I used a whole box of tampons in that week, and on one of the days, I was changing my tampon every hour or two...
    I am 17, and I have been having a period since I was 9 years old. I am not sexually active. I'm not very stressed, so I don't think that would be a factor. I'm not having any bad cramps or anything, although I do have a sort of dull, mostly constant's not really pain, it's more like it's sore.
    I have an appointment with a gyno but due to conflicting schedules, that appointment isn't until December...does anyone have any ideas in the meantime?

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    In my "opinion" you started your periods very young.. (9) is very young, I think I was 13, grew breasts at 11...

    My niece is just like her Aunty............ CW..

    It could be due to the age that you started and that you need birth control to assist in managing things, sad, but true, they weren't around back then 100 years ago, I went on birth control to manage severe cramps that left me rolling in the school yard in so much pain at school..

    The pill helped me, so I am glad you are not stressed and December is not that far away, wheat bags are good too if you do feel cramps, microwave them for a couple of minutes and put it on your stomach ...

    Keep your chin up.

    Welcome to the Forum.



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