Capsules or drink as a tea, safe for non stop periods etc., available at Health Food stores. Red Raspberry is used as a basic herbal foundation for all female organs and problems. It is in many female combinations.

** Strengthens wall of uterus and entire female reproductive system.
** Decreases profuse menstrual flow.
** Good during all months of pregnancy. Alleviates morning sickness and nausea. Has been used as a preventative for hemorrhaging during labor. Assists labor, makes delivery easier and relieves after pains. Tones and regulates before, during and after childbirth.
** Increases and enriches milk for lactation, can be combined with marshmallow tea.
** Raspberry tea is mild and pleasant to taste. It is good for stomachaches and bowel problems in children. For diarrhea in babies.
** Soothing to stomach and bowels and cankerous conditions of mucous membranes in the alimentary canal.
** High mineral and vitamin source.

Has been used in the following:
# Nausea
# Antacid
# Childbirth
# Colds
# Coughs
# Diarrhea
# Digestion
# Female problems
# Fevers
# Flatulence gas
# Flu influenza
# Gastritis
# Labor pains
# Decreases menstrual flow
# Miscarriage
# Mucous membranes
# Afterpains of childbirth
# Nursing
# Pregnancy
# Strengthens and tones uterus